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I believe there's an added value within group programs. Whether you are an active participant or prefer to listen from the sidelines the added support & accountability from being part of a group is invaluable. Check out the programs available and see which one speaks to you.

*Feel free to book a discovery call for more details on any of the programs.


Improving Your Body Image & Relationship with Food

  • Do you stress alot over food choices? 

  • Feel anxious about caloric & fat intake, find yourself restricting, bingeing or emotional eating? 

  • Does the number on the scale send you into a negative tailspin and impact your mood for the rest of the day?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you're in the right place because I'm here to help you! 


This is a 5 day mini course to teach you about diet culture and why dieting doesn't work for weight loss or improving your health. Daily videos discussing diet culture, body acceptance, improving self talk, mindfulness, body awareness, mindful & intuitive eating will be available. You will be given daily worksheets to complete for greater self awareness & self reflection. 


You will gain knowledge, tools and techniques to help you improve your relationship with food and your body! 


It's time to stop the self sabotage when it comes to your body & food choices and time to start enjoying life again!


Jumpstart Your Journey
30 Day Group Program

You want to become more aware of your thoughts and how they impact your health & wellness. You are ready to take a deeper look at your eating habits and ditch the diet mentality once and for all! You want support in creating a healthier relationship with food while being kind to your body.  You recognize creating healthy habits takes time but you are ready to learn, commit and implement!


Virtual Chair Yoga & Nutrition

We all know keeping active is important and chair yoga is a great way for seniors and those with mobility issues or disabilities to stay active, improve muscle strength and flexibility. We also know that as we age our nutritional needs change and it's important to know in what ways so we can feel our best inside and out.

Join this unique program where we combine 

chair yoga & nutrition to offer:

-a weekly live chair yoga class (recorded option available)

-nutrition tips & talk following each class 

-fun wellness challenges

-a private facebook group for added support and accountability, social interaction as well a place to share recipes & inspiration

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