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At PACE Wellness you will see I am passionate about supporting people on their wellness journey no matter their pace or age. Although I've spent the majority of my career working with geriatrics I started my private practice as a way to support people of all ages towards a healthy and fulfilling life. I've learned many lessons from the seniors I work with but the biggest one of all is to live your life with no regrets. Keeping that lesson in mind while building my practice has been key. Do what you love and have fun doing it which is why you will see my practice is multi focused! 


As a woman, mom and dietitian...

I've witnessed firsthand the harms of diet culture, the struggles with body acceptance, the overwhelming amount of nutrition information out there to decipher not to mention the impact of social media on one's mental health & wellbeing. 

Navigating it all alone is exhausting but it doesn't have to be like that anymore. I'm here to help you! If you are ready to improve your relationship with food and take a more mindful approach to eating, movement and life in general then you are in the right place.

When you work with me our focus is on the three main areas of health- nutrition, movement & mindset. You will gain knowledge, tools & techniques that will support you in each area to build a healthier mindset for life!

As a dietitian for seniors...

I've recognized the huge gap that exists between community and facility living when it comes to nutritional support for our seniors. Too many times I've seen seniors move into facilities in deteriorating physical states that could have been slowed, even prevented if nutritional support had been more readily available to them in their homes.  In my practice I strive to help seniors live healthier and longer in their homes being competent working with dysphagia management, unintentional weight loss, wound prevention and supporting optimal nutrition for various chronic diseases including diabetes, COPD, Alzheimers/dementia, etc. 


As a yoga teacher...

I've witnessed firsthand the benefits of yoga for both physical and mental health. Yoga has been a huge part of my life for many years. It has helped me be a better mom, dietitian and all around human. Practicing yoga increases your awareness, helps you to live more in the present and creates that space to allow for more mindful decisions to be made. I am a certified teacher for both children's yoga and chair yoga. Within my classes I strive to instill the importance of healthy, mindful eating, positive body image and self-care practices. Learning to mindfully nourish and move one’s body at every age is beneficial and helps us to live our best life!


A few more fun things about me:

  • I prefer baking to cooking and yes I admit my husband is a better cook

  • I'm a self improvement guru as I love reading inspirational books and listening to podcasts

  • I LOVE sports especially hockey and can be a bit competitive, a trait that has passed down to my girls

  • I am a dreamer with lots of ideas for the future

  • I am a self published author you can click on my ebook Life Lessons For Your Graduate here

  • I love traveling and want to experience as many places in the world as possible

  • Most of all I love being a mom it is the absolute best and most challenging job in the world

Contact Me |  Tel: 902-802-9944

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